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27 November 2019Cultural experiments in the Weimar Republic
29 January 2020The Silk Road: a textile journey
26 February 2020From Downton to Gatsby. jewellery and fashion 1890 to 1929

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Cultural experiments in the Weimar Republic Gavin Plumley Wednesday 27 November 2019

After World War I, artists and architects were in a state of flux, just like the world they inhabited. How could they create and what, indeed, would they produce in a Europe still reeling from the worst conflict ever known? Yet out of crisis came a truly stimulating period of artistic endeavour. Contemplating painters such as Max Beckmann, Otto Dix and Christian Schad, alongside the experiments of the Bauhaus, new film technologies and the sultry stylings of Marlene Dietrich, this talk looks at the culture of German-speaking Europe during the interwar years.